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Anime (lol) Punch

Posted on 2010.04.27 at 22:38
Where have the AP pics run off too? WANT TO SEE. lolol

Megaman10 boss contest entry

Posted on 2010.03.06 at 13:23

Just Chill by =Zoroko on deviantART

Poll is here if you would like to vote for my entry~<3 http://polldaddy.com/community/poll/2799968/

Dragon Con

Posted on 2010.02.25 at 12:08
So I'm about 85% sure I am going to Dragon Con, just got to get my plane ticket!

But here is the problem. Back up to the first sentence up there- I'm going on a plane. Because of this I'm wondering how complicated of a costume can I bring. Not to much room in a couple of suitcases and I definitely can't bring weapons (even though fake) in a suitcase to the airport. XD

What ways do you guys deal with this? I know some people suggest shipping items to the hotel, but that sounds like a gigantic pain in the ass. Plus do I really want to find a postal office before I have to go back on a plane? no...not really.

Besides driving and shipping I guess there is no other way...

Dragon connnnn

Posted on 2010.02.17 at 18:20
Just bought my badge- my wallet it hurtsss but OMG DRAGONCON

Con lineup

Posted on 2010.02.07 at 15:29
A&G ohio (judging there, also have an artist alley table!)
Anime Punch (hope to get an artist alley table there- doing a skit with some pals)
Colossal con (not sure if I should enter the contest with something there)
Acen (not sure if I am going there yet- but if I do my friends coey and shy have offered one of their art tables for me and jing)
Dragon con (80% sure I am going to this- i must)
Otakon (I really don't think I can attend this this year...but never say never.)
Matsuri (it's in columbus so of course I am going- hopefully have an artist table there as well)

I am also going to a few comic cons to promote my art, hopefully to nab a writer with heavy pockets (i can't write stories to save my life- so illustrating a comic for someone would be ideal)

cosplay includes some simple costumes- Makoto's school uniform, Anju, ST link (?). I have some complicated costumes in the works right now but I am keeping them a secret, not sure if I will even have enough funds to complete them LOL. It's sad that I had to tell one of my friends that I couldn't do a costume because of my lack of money- it was something I really wanted to do as well...fml

TP link is in the works, but there is so much I want to do with that costume that I don't even know when it will be done by. I'm shooting for A&G at the earliest. Speaking of which- I need to pester some people about game models for ref...

oh hay

Posted on 2010.02.07 at 13:48


Ohayocon~! also HALP~

Posted on 2010.01.27 at 23:32
I was getting a little worried about not finishing some costumes,but things are looking up! Anju is just about finished, just got to sew on some buttons and style the wig. Scouts mom dress is a little puckery in some areas but overall it came out ok~

I do not have a hotel room for the con, I will be staying at a friends place 15-10 minutes away from the con center. Because of this I was wondering if anyone would be willing to let me to store a small suitcase in their room. It would help me (and my sister) out a lot. It would save me the trouble of running back and forth to the parking lot in the cold.

btw If anyone wants my phone number for the con just send me a message

link confused

Late new years resolutions

Posted on 2010.01.22 at 09:18
-go on a diet. FOREVER. good bye delicious soda....

- take compliments given (This one has always been hard for me, as I still need confidence in myself and artwork. However, I am just finding out how annoying it must come off to refuse ones compliments constantly-)

- read more books (again, another tough one. I have the attention span of a goldfish most of the time- so it's hard to keep me interested in a book. I hope to remedy this by at least reading a chapter of something each day)

-get a NEW COMPUTER. This is very important for me, as I am still sharing a four year old 2gb MAC with my sister. I need something that isn't going to give me any trouble, and will help me in my art building- It might cost me a good deal of money though- ahh....

- draw MORE AND MORE (I just started sketching in a sketchbook again- but my hand is still hesitant and my brain is still full of uncreative ideas. I Just need to rebuild and revamp my portfolio all over again- because currently it is very laughable and drab. I have some art related work experience now so I really need to push myself and actually impress people! also RESUME UPDATE... must do that...

-try to be less shy and awkward around guys, ....possibly get a boyfriend? IDK man I'm starting to give up in this department. NEWB WITH THIS TOPIC FOREVER.

Anju wig~!

Posted on 2009.11.24 at 22:35
I got my wig in the mail a couple days ago- today I decided to slab it on and take a few shots. This is it unstyled- I really love the color, it's not super red and it's not a super natural color either (it's a nice in-between)


I popped in one blue contact (man they are so hard to get in and out! how do you people do it)

What kind of styling gels/sprays do you use, guys? I have my usual, but I'm interested to see what you guys use when styling your wigs.

I'm torn on whether I should buy new ears or if these are fine- For Anju's top I'm going for the in-game brown color (though I really like the saturated almost mauve/red color the artwork seems to portray). Shoes have been bought, they make me two inches taller- (5'11''!! lol) the height difference is going to be amazing between me and hime. xD

I know I will get this costume done in time, but once again I'm worried about getting Link done argh. If I have to I will be debuting him at A&G ohio (i'd much rather debut him at ohayocon though)

working out

Posted on 2009.11.15 at 12:40
Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to shape up a little? My current job requires to sit on my ass 8 hours a day- 7 days a week, and I don't have much time for the gym (I don't have excersize equipment at home either). So far I have stopped drinking pop or eating sugar, and uping my water intake.

srsly I think my butt is getting bigger everyday- so gross. LOL

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